Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 7: Which Content Marketing Metrics Are Best?

AAAM episode 7

I maaaaaay have recorded this episode in the baggage claim area of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Sorry, everyone in the airport. I’m on vacation for the week, but I couldn’t pass up on recording the next episode, in which I provide a quick review of the GrowthHackers conference and talk about how to not fall into traps […]

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Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 4: How to Craft a Marketing Channel Strategy

episode 4

This week’s episode is all about making those tough, top-level marketing choices to ensure you’re allocating your resources in a way that’ll give you the best ROI. How do you finalize a marketing channel strategy when there are so many tactics to choose from? If you’ve wanted more insight on how to prioritize your marketing tactics, this episode […]

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Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 3: How Emotional Marketing Strategies Built a Nonprofit’s Brand Community

Episode 3 - Ask Amanda About Marketing

Episode 3 features our very first guest: Gayane Margaryan, the digital marketing manager at the African Wildlife Foundation, who discusses the impact of emotional marketing strategies. In honor of her organization, here is a gif of my favorite animal being the cutest ever. In this episode, Gayane and I discuss the concept of marketing a […]

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