Having incredible content is only one part of the process.

Results-based case studies and innovative market research reflect our wide range of strategies and various approaches to digital marketing.

Engagement Case Studies

View our campaign and client success stories, and look at how we create real solutions.


16-Month Engagement Case Study

  • 238% organic search traffic increase over 16 months and over 1.6 million social shares
  • • Placements with the New York Times, CNN, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Mashable, Buzzfeed, and many more
  • • Huge viral status with “Perceptions of Perfection” campaign - over 925K social shares alone


6-Month Engagement Case Study

  • • Mix of evergreen and timely content resulted in 1,100% organic search traffic increase over 6 months and more than 50 completed campaigns
  • • Placements with USA Today, MSN, The Score, and many more
  • • 230% increase in the number of ranking keywords

Recovery Brands

36-Month Content Marketing Case Study

  • 1,100% organic search traffic increase over 36 months
  • • 12,500 featured stories from over 90 individual campaigns received over 1.2 million social shares
  • • Brand-aware content strategy geared towards research-heavy and innovative campaigns designed to reduce health-related stigmas

Marketing Research

Read about our thought-provoking, proprietary marketing research that uncovers the science behind great content.

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