Illustration Examples

Often times, painting a picture for someone can visualize an idea more effectively than any other method of trying to get a point across to a reader. Unique graphics and drawings capture the eye in an immediate way, making these strategies extremely viable.

We create illustrations to stylistically employ a creative application for data presentation.

Diversity of Global Illustrations

Body image is an issue many people empathize with, and we sought out to address the topic in a sensitive manner. Graphic designers from 18 different countries participated and each put their own photoshopping skills to the test, altering the same photograph to follow the beauty standards of their home country.

, Illustration Examples

Social Shares: 925,514

Notable Features: Buzzfeed, The New York Times, Yahoo, Mashable, Marie Claire, E! Online,

The results of this campaign were wildly popular, gaining viral status almost instantly. With many notable celebrity shares from the likes of Sofia Vergara and Lil Wayne, the post achieved high acclaim from hundreds of high authority publishers and made a statement about the world’s varying perceptions of what perfect bodies look like.

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Memory Recollection Illustrations

Corporate logos are a part of our everyday life, with these familiar symbols becoming ingrained in our minds over time. We asked 150 Americans to attempt to recall these iconic logos and draw them as best as they could. In 80 total hours of data collection, we gathered over 1,500 individual logo drawings and graphed them by least accurate to most.

, Illustration Examples

Social Shares:  360,924

Notable Features: Adweek, Bored Panda, Daily Mail

This campaign was shared over 350,000 times, with over 150,000 of those shares coming from the Bored Panda placement alone. These illustrations visualized a fresh way of thinking about the human experience, and how our perception and memory of the same thing can be vastly different among different people.

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Brainstorming Illustrations

Growing up, children look up to inspirational figures in film and television. Typically embodying qualities such as selflessness and courage, these role models often times manifest in the form of superheroes. For many children, these superheroes do not look like them, do not share their appearance, thus making it harder for them to relate to these characters.

, Illustration Examples

Social Shares: 9,232

Notable Features: Observer, Slashfilm,

In this campaign, we asked 990 superhero comic book and film fanatics about their thoughts regarding race representation among superheroes and asked participants to illustrate their preferred superhero appearances. 

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