Content Development

Whether you need on-site content to educate and convert buyers, or off-site content to attract and engage new audiences, our in-house team of creative strategists, designers, promoters, and developers come together to produce engaging content for your brand.

Fractl is my sigh of relief. It’s rare to find an agency you can trust to create high quality content while staying focused on your unique business and achieving the desired results. Many content agencies require hand holding, which defeats the purpose of outsourcing. With Fractl, it’s different. The personal attention they give our projects and the ownership they take over the results unblocks our content marketing workflow and enables us to scale up our content creation.

—Kim Cooper, Senior Marketing Manager at Alexa

How We Create High Quality Content


There’s no way to make great content out of a subpar idea. At Fractl, a full third of our content creation process involves brainstorming and vetting ideas to get the strongest start possible. We study your niche to understand what type of successful content strategies can be applied to your particular vertical, while also researching what questions your target audience is looking to have answered. Finally, we analyze the ideas’ ability to communicate a concept, trigger an emotional response, be easily understood, provide actionable insights, and more to curate our list and move forward with only the best strategies for your content.

Research and Data Collection

To engage with readers, the content source has to come from a credible place, which is why we put major emphasis on vetting our source material or gathering the data ourselves. When collecting our own data, methods range from conducting large-scale surveys and submitting public record requests to collecting massive amounts of social data and performing in-the-field testing and experimentation. Investing the appropriate amount of time and resources to research your readers will appreciate makes for thorough, accurate, reliable content that reflects highly on your brand.

Design and Development

When we have finalized the story we want to tell, it’s time to decide what form that information will take that will be the most compelling and visually impressive presentation possible. Our highly skilled creative leads, designers, and developers consider two things: how can we send the message as clearly as possible, and how can we make that method as engaging as possible? Our answers can lead to a variety of content types, including infographics, interactive tools, animated gifs, parallax pages, videos, and more. When content strategy is combined with top-of-the-line graphics and coding, content becomes a marketable story with clear takeaways.

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