SEO, Content Strategy Overhaul Delivers Rapid Results for
[5-Month Case Study]

NVISION Eye Centers, an ophthalmology medical group with 30+ offices across California, Nevada, and Oregon, came to Fractl having invested in SEO for some time with other partners that didn’t produce the traffic growth and authority improvements that they desired or expected. They held strong brand authority, but this wasn’t translating into organic traffic or conversions.

We worked with them to establish the ultimate goal of becoming “the national organic authority on eye surgery and LASIK.”




Organic traffic


Calls and form
completions increase


Qualified traffic



On-Site Content Strategy

Through content analysis and research, we determined that there was ample opportunity to capture a significant chunk of organic traffic through content creation alone.

Our objective was to create a breadth of expansive and highly informational content that provides more value to users than anything else currently on the web. Producing a mix of general informational topics alongside highly valuable and “high-intent” content, we targeted customers that were at different stages of the buyer journey.

Topic funnels include:

  • Cataracts
  • Eye conditions
  • Macular degeneration
  • Contact lenses
  • Eye surgeries

Engagement Highlights

Utilizing deep keyword research and analysis, we created a tiered content approach. Our team structured content types by topic and user intent and deliberately evaluated the expected efficacy of each tier to see what was working and what needed adjustment.

Natural link attraction is a goal for all of our content-heavy campaigns. When pages obtain top rankings, they will attract natural links from various sites that are referencing them as the authority on the topic. This has tremendous value and has generated thousands of valuable links for us in past campaigns and other verticals.

NVISION was migrated from a custom CMS that was proprietary to the previous agency, preventing the client from having full control over their site and the content on it. The new site was built in WordPress and set up on faster servers, allowing full client access and control as well as faster response time.

Local SEO

We performed a high-level audit on the ~20 NVISION locations at the time, determining priority areas to target, low-hanging fruit, and a multitude of opportunities for optimization both on and off-site. In the beginning months, local SEO was one of the main campaign focal points.

As NVISION gets its most qualified leads and traffic through local search, both in the “map pack” and organic results, we recognized that giving particular attention to its local search performance would be the strongest and fastest avenue to positive ROI.


Location #1 Performance:
One of NVISION’s original locations, operating for decades:
Serving a population of:


Searches received over this time period:


Location #2 Performance:
One of NVISION's newest facilities:
Serving a population of:


Searches received over this time period:


Location #3 Performance:
One of NVISION's largest locations:
Serving a population of:


Searches received over this time period:


Next Steps

We are engaging in a significant CRO project for NVISION in the coming months, aiming to better convert and utilize the newfound traffic to the NVISION site and increase the brand visibility beyond its geographic coverage.

We are utilizing a number of tactics to help optimize location pages, new landing pages, and adding a wealth of new elements, features, and more.

A/B testing, deep analysis, and iteration in Q3 will allow us to better situate NVISION as a national authority and convert traffic both in corresponding local areas as well as across the U.S.

Further content creation and delving into new areas for content will continue to propagate NVISION’s status as the website to visit for “all things eyecare and eye health.”

Authority building and content marketing will proceed to push NVISION towards the level of existing trusted resources in the space and aim to eventually overtake them.