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Because of the resulting flood of content out in the world, it’s more important than ever to produce newsworthy content that high-authority publishers love to write about. When each publisher links back to your brand as the source, that authoritative link is exactly what Google’s looking for. Multiply that by several campaigns, and the quality links will roll in.

How Do We Secure Press for Our Clients?

Google has made it clear that links are a significant component of their search algorithms, so thousands of companies have invested in efforts to build links, particularly through content marketing.

Whereas most other agencies will send mass templated pitches to hundreds of publishers in hopes of securing a handful of low-to-mid-tier links, Fractl specializes in one-to-one relationship building with high-authority publishers across a myriad of verticals.

We create “campaigns,” which are comprised of 3 to 6 stand-alone graphics, or “assets,” that visualize the most interesting findings from our research on a particular topic. These assets and associated editorial copy create a newsworthy story on a subject that is tangentially related to our client. The campaign is hosted on our client’s “landing page,” which is used to pitch the content to media outlets with the goal to acquire press mentions and links.

Building Publisher Relationships Through Successful Strategies

Through hundreds of hours building these relationships over several years, Fractl has established a rolodex of top-tier publisher relationships. Now, writers at TIME, Huffington Post and TODAY trust our content and consistently reach out for innovative news stories.

Journalists ❤ Our Content

Top publishers trust our process and rely on our content to deliver newsworthy takeaways and captivating stories.

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Love the idea and love your clever pitch and fine writing. I'm impressed.

I appreciate you taking an effort to break out of the pack of the 100 or so pitches I receive every day.

What Are The Results of Fractl’s Digital PR Efforts?

At Fractl, the goal for every campaign is to secure an “exclusive” — the first coverage of your campaign — with a high-authority publisher. By pairing your newsworthy content with a top-tier writer, your digital PR strategy can result in widespread natural syndication of your content and brand.

Once your content campaign earns widespread coverage, we start building a comprehensive link report so you know the full results of the strategies put in place. The report features every dofollow link, cocitation link, and nofollow link, as well as textual brand mentions as a bonus. All link types have their benefits, which is why we include them all in the final reporting.

With this information in hand, you enable a straightforward, concrete look at your link building success that you can easily share with your entire team.

Learn more about the anatomy of a healthy backlink report

Our Digital PR Strategies Are Backed By Ongoing Research

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