Digital PR

Digital PR means pairing your high-quality content with audiences who are interested in it. We do this by sharing the studies we create for you with relevant journalists to see if they’d like to draft a story around the newsworthy information.

This approach has amazing benefits:





Good digital PR starts with having something worth pitching to writers. We can pitch your excellent content, or we can create the data-focused content for you.

Our Content

Top publishers trust our process and rely on our content to deliver newsworthy takeaways and captivating stories.

I loved the pitch. Amazing responses. Thank you so much!

This is great info. Thank you so much for sending and please keep in touch.

Love the idea and love your clever pitch and fine writing. I'm impressed.

I appreciate you taking an effort to break out of the pack of the 100 or so pitches I receive every day.

Once the content is complete, it’s time to earn media coverage and backlinks.

We achieve this by:

Leveraging current writer relationships

Researching new media opportunities

Establishing personal connections with writers

Customizing every single pitch email

Providing key takeaways tailored to their specific audience

Our Pitches

Writers appreciate receiving thoughtful, well-researched pitches instead of their usual spam.

I have to commend you for great PR tactics here. I open so few of these, much less respond, so mentioning my cat AND sending a pic of yours AND including info that’s relevant to my beat gives you an A++.


You did something PR people never do — but should. Looked at my Twitter feed and made it personal. Nicely done!


Thanks for getting in touch! This is really interesting, and I appreciate your kind words about my article and well wishes for our move!


Thanks for reaching out! Appreciate the personalized email.

And when the story comes out about your new study?

You get top-tier backlinks and an extremely authoritative brand mention.

Like this

Or this

Or maybe this

We’ve earned coverage like this in nearly every niche, from national news sites to regional publications.

Your results will vary based on your industry and the objective of each project, but we will strategize the best options with you and set realistic expectations.

We’re the best at what we do because we’re constantly surveying, interviewing, and collaborating with the web’s top publishers to learn more about what they want from brands.

Explore our most recent findings from our 2019 survey of more than 500 journalists: