Choosing the Right Types of Content Marketing for Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

[Tweet “Through repurposing, you can take one topic, data set, or idea and turn it into multiple pieces of content that can work for each stage of the sales funnel.”] The problem many marketers have with effectively using various types of content marketing is when they focus on only one part of the buyer journey. […]

Why No One Wants to Publish Your Content

You’ve created a piece of content you love. You think it’s great and can’t wait to get it out into the online world so it will start attracting attention and drawing audiences to your website and brand. But there is one problem… no one will publish it. Your pitches are getting ignored. Your content is […]

How Long Does it Take to See Content Marketing Results?

It’s tempting to stare at your site’s analytics and wait for the results to roll in after a content marketing campaign launches. The online world moves quickly, so many marketers also expect quick results from their online content campaigns. While there are certainly exceptions, in most cases, seeing an impact from content marketing takes time. […]

7 Content Marketing Campaigns That Earned TV Coverage

Although online and offline marketing efforts are typically siloed, online content isn’t restricted to the digital world. A content marketing campaign that performs well online can also lead to offline results. When done right, content marketing can secure traditional media coverage such as TV, radio, and print. To see how a content campaign can attract traditional […]