Infographic Examples

Although they are now a dime a dozen, when done right infographics remain an effective way to present valuable information in a visually compelling way. Want to see infographic examples that stand above the rest? Here’s a look at some stand outs we’ve created for clients.

Barbie Body

Barbie body infographic example

  • Featured Stories: 205
  • Total Domain Authority: 10,905
  • Social Shares: 55,818
  • Notable Features: Huffington Post, Ad Week, Fast Company

Few pop culture icons are as celebrated and reviled as Barbie, especially for her controversial figure. This made her the perfect centerpiece for a campaign meant to raise awareness about body image issues. We created an infographic comparing Barbie’s unattainable body measurements to the average female body to emphasize how unrealistic her body type is in the real world.

By combining the nostalgia factor of a well-known pop culture icon with an emotional issue many people face – the pressure to achieve a perfect body – this campaign achieved coverage from global publishers and tens of thousands of social shares.

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America’s Favorite Dog

Americas favorite dog infographic example

  • Featured Stories:  119
  • Total Domain Authority: 2,804
  • Social Shares: 21,001
  • Notable Features: Mashable, Mental Floss, Houston Chronicle

Advertisers have long used man’s best friend as an attention-grabbing tactic in commercials. It’s no secret that dog lovers perk up when a pooch is involved in marketing, and our infographic featuring data from the American Kennel Club about the most popular dog breeds was no different.

To add additional interest, we included a breakdown of the most popular breeds based on region, having learned in the past that including a geographic angle to a campaign can create a stronger emotional pull in viewers by arousing pride in where they’re from. Dog owners were compelled to share the infographic to show off their favorite breed, resulting in thousands of social shares.

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Trading Time

trading time infographic example

  • Featured Stories: 138
  • Total Domain Authority: 6,088
  • Social Shares: 490
  • Notable Features: Business Insider, MSN,, Yahoo Finance,

Our Trading Time campaign presented an eye-opening look at how long you would have to work to pay off a lifetime’s worth of expenses ranging from rent to toilet paper. The campaign was a hit with financial publishers and garnered coverage on top sites including Business Insider and Yahoo Finance.

This campaign was a great example of creating multiple content assets using the same data. In addition to an infographic showing how much of one’s life is spent paying off expenses, we also created a calculator where users can plug in their salary and state to get a personalized look at how much of their salary goes toward different expenses and a flipbook featuring more granular data.

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