Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 17: Extra! Extra! Here’s What Makes Content Newsworthy

episode 17

Have you ever read something and thought: And I just read this…why? YOU ARE NOT WORTHY! The element of newsworthiness isn’t just for newspapers (cue gasp). It also serves as a wonderful guide for content marketing that will engage your target audience. Now, if you’ve never taken journalism classes, you might not even be familiar […]

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Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 16: Talk Targeted to Me [Ft. Shayla Price]

episode 16

I totally get it — sometimes it can be…difficult…to reach your target customers. Hey! You can’t beat this deal. This product is amazing. Wait! Hello. Listen. PLZ. You might be really wanting to reach out to someone, but if you’re not talking about something that interests them in a way they like communicating, they’ll immediately […]

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Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 15: Experiments Aren’t Just For Chemists [Ft. Michele Linn]

episode 15

Buckle up, ladies and gents. It’s time to perform some EXPERIMENTS! Well, not the beaker-and-test-tube type of experiments — marketing experiments! The content marketing world is constantly changing, and if we want to succeed, we need to change with it. Content marketing experimentation can help you determine what new tactics and strategies are worth exploring to […]

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