Why Some Marketers Struggle to Quantify the Value of Content Marketing

Last year, 46 percent of B2C marketers reported that measuring the ROI of a content marketing program was one of the top challenges facing their brand, with 50 percent citing measuring content effectiveness as another top concern. There are so many metrics and peripheral benefits to keep track of, and many marketers find it overwhelming to […]

5 Lesser-Known Benefits of Content Marketing

One of the more well-known benefits of content marketing revolves around its direct technical relationship with SEO through link building, including increases in organic and search site traffic and higher search rankings. Its ability to uncover referral traffic from campaign media mentions, build a diverse link portfolio, and increase the amount of on-site content prove […]

6 Surefire Ways to Make Newsworthy Content

When people hear the word “newsworthy,” the first thing that usually comes to mind is breaking news – a storm’s landfall, an armed burglary, Donald Trump saying anything.  However, newsworthiness is defined in different ways. Breaking news falls under the umbrella of one of the main characteristics of newsworthiness: timeliness. As you’ll read in this […]