Lessons From Sales on Getting Better Marketing Buy-In

Sales and marketing are different skill sets, but they both have foundations in communicating effectively.  via GIPHY Both types of professionals are trying to explain their value in the context of the customer/client/stakeholder’s needs. John Doherty from Credo explains how his experience in sales can apply to marketing justification discussions, as well.  In this episode, […]

Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 29: How to Confidently Click “Send” (And Have People to Send To)

When you’re drafting emails for your brand’s email list, do you end up having a bit of a Tom-Hanks-style writer’s block? I spoke with digital marketing guru Wendy Maynard about her email marketing tips for beginners and pros alike. Wendy explains: Why email marketing is important How to focus on quality rather than quantity Everything you need for a successful email marketing […]