Fractl Increased Payless Power’s Organic Traffic Value by $974K+ in 16 Months

Payless Power, a leading provider of affordable electricity plans, partnered with Fractl to boost its online presence. Discover how our data-driven content campaigns increased Payless Power’s organic traffic value by over $974K and referring domains by 55.1% in just 16 months.

2024 Payless Power Case Study

, Fractl Increased Payless Power’s Organic Traffic Value by $974K+ in 16 Months

Payless Power Goals

Payless Power wanted to enhance its online visibility and drive more organic traffic to its website through impactful content and placements in authoritative publications relevant to the home security industry. 

Fractl’s Solution

We based our strategy on data-driven, journalistic content tailored to Payless Power’s industry. Our team conducted extensive research to identify topics and angles that would captivate Payless Power’s target audience and align with the interests of key industry publications. Our compelling data insights and engaging narratives would enable us to produce authoritative content that could earn high-profile placements on respected platforms. This approach allowed us to position Payless Power as a thought leader in its field while attracting valuable attention from top-tier publishers and increasing website traffic.


During our 16-month engagement with Payless Power, we generated a substantial increase in traffic valued at $974,967. Our campaigns secured 450 placements in publications with a domain authority of 60+ and increased referring domains by 55.1%.Analysis

Organic traffic over 16 months
Referring domains over 3 years
Publisher placements

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