How Fractl Earned 5,845 New Referring Domains for Financial Solutions Client

Our client, a premier financial services provider, sought to enhance its online presence and domain authority. Through Fractl’s strategic content and PR campaigns, our client witnessed a 119.5% surge in monthly organic traffic — nearly 521K average monthly visitors and $8.5 million in total traffic value — in two years.

Client’s Goals

The client wanted to boost its visibility and credibility in the competitive financial services sector. The challenge was to achieve both quantitative growth and qualitative improvement in its digital footprint.

Fractl’s Strategy

Our plan focused on creating engaging, high-quality content and implementing targeted digital PR campaigns. This approach aimed to increase the client’s website traffic and acquire valuable backlinks from highly-regarded sources, boosting its domain authority and visibility in the finance field.


Over just two years, we enhanced the client’s online presence with a 119.5% increase in monthly organic traffic to their website. This translated to a gain of 520,727 monthly visitors and a total increase in traffic value of $8,504,232. We also boosted the client’s domain authority by 14.1% and grew their referring domains from 1,388 to 7,233 (a 421.1% increase). These new domains linking to the client significantly expanded its online influence and presence.

Organic traffic over 2 years
Referring domains over 2 years
Top publisher placements

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