What Types of Marketing Resonate with Millennial Consumers? [Whitepaper]

, What Types of Marketing Resonate with Millennial Consumers? [Whitepaper]

Millennials pose a unique challenge for marketers: not only are they distrustful of companies, they’re also averse to the low-value, high-noise marketing of yesterday. Understanding how they want to be marketed to can help you cut through the noise and build trust with this digitally-savvy generation.

We surveyed 748 people between 18 and 34 years old to find out:

  • The best ways for marketers to attract their business (this may surprise you!)
  • What marketing tactics have the most positive and negative influence on their purchasing decisions
  • How they research companies and products (one method is used by 88%)
  • Which online ads they find most relevant to their interests and demographics

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