Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 29: How to Confidently Click “Send” (And Have People to Send To)

When you’re drafting emails for your brand’s email list, do you end up having a bit of a Tom-Hanks-style writer’s block? I spoke with digital marketing guru Wendy Maynard about her email marketing tips for beginners and pros alike. Wendy explains: Why email marketing is important How to focus on quality rather than quantity Everything you need for a successful email […]

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Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 27: Now that’s a bright idea!

Episode 27

Content doesn’t start when you design a pretty graphic, or even when your cursor is blinking in a Google Document. It starts with an idea. Perhaps one that involves tricking a genie? If your idea isn’t solid, you’re setting yourself up for failure. It doesn’t matter how wonderful your article is or how stunning your graphic […]

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