Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 2: How to Do Content Marketing When You Don’t Have the Resources

episode 2

We’re already at Episode 2! Let’s assume that means double the value! In this episode, I discuss how to do content marketing when it’s not your top priority right now. Even if you can’t dedicate all of the time and budget you’d like at this time, there are ways to get a head start for when […]

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Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 1: How to Measure Awareness Campaigns

AAAM Episode 1

I think only a gif can communicate my excitement for this. Welcome to the first episode of my new content marketing podcast, Ask Amanda About Marketing. This podcast seeks to answer your questions about content marketing and digital PR with straightforward, actionable tips. You can find all episodes here. I’ll be publishing weekly, so subscribe to stay up-to-date, […]

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Fractl SVP Explains How to Approach Content Marketing Results

Measuring content marketing results can be tricky. Every client and business is different, and their goals are wide-ranging (from increasing brand awareness to converting traffic). Fractl Creative Strategist Tom Dehnel sat down with SVP Dan Tynski to chat about how we gauge content marketing results. Keep reading for our insider’s perspective of how a content marketing agency […]

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24 Innovative Content Formats That Audiences and Publishers Love (2017 Update)

Brands that create compelling content are no longer the exception but rather the new rule. With so many companies trying to attract audiences with their content, it’s becoming difficult to stand out — making innovative content marketing even more important. Packaging your data into unique content marketing formats can help you rise above the noise. Fractl is an […]

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