Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 9: The Case for Controversial Content

episode 9

This week’s episode is about… controversy. Tune in to learn the benefits of controversial content (and how to persuade your boss or client that it’s worth trying out). This podcast seeks to answer your questions about content marketing and digital PR with straightforward, actionable tips. You can find all episodes here. I’ll be publishing weekly, so subscribe to […]

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Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 8: An Inside Look at the Content Development Process

Episode 8

Back from vacation and rocking a head cold, but the show must go on! And by “Valentino,” I mean “T.J.Maxx.” This week, I talk about what actually goes into creating a successful content campaign in terms of process and timeline, so if you’d love more insight in that area, this is a can’t-miss episode about […]

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Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 7: Which Content Marketing Metrics Are Best?

AAAM episode 7

I maaaaaay have recorded this episode in the baggage claim area of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Sorry, everyone in the airport. I’m on vacation for the week, but I couldn’t pass up on recording the next episode, in which I provide a quick review of the GrowthHackers conference and talk about how to not fall into traps […]

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Marketing to the Generations With Content

Understanding the key differences among generational groups isn’t rocket science. But when it comes to your content, marketing to the generations can make you feel like a freshman in a theoretical physics class full of Sheldons. Don’t worry – we got you. We previously surveyed 1,200 people from three different generations (Millennials, Gen Xers, and […]

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