HR Website Earns Over 50,000 Social Shares in 30 Months with Fractl

Newsworthy stories centered around HR solutions and business-related content for our client, a leader in the vertical, soared among niche and high authority publishers, accumulating 50,000 social shares and earning links from over 470 unique domains..



media mentions from 34 major publishers including:


media mentions from 50 niche relevant publishers including:


radio mentions from 14 states + D.C. + Canada


regional media mentions from 34 states + D.C.

Engagement Highlights

Since our client provides HR services and products in payroll, their major goal when approaching a partnership with Fractl was to produce on-brand content related to HR in order to attract HR-related guide publications. Overcoming the challenges posed by dry content, we crafted high-quality surveys based on internal data gathered by our client to glean exclusive, never-before-analyzed insights using our client’s established presence and experience in the business vertical.

This client is an industry-focused domain, providing highly respected and trusted content about the human resources sphere. Their existing authority in the business vertical and instant trust factor with writers and editors gave our campaigns a visibility boost, increasing the promotional viability of the stories and making them properly equipped to host data-driven campaigns.

Our campaign “came back from the dead” with a media mention with The Motley Fool an astonishing 57 days after we sent our last media pitch, revealing our team’s commitment to creating evergreen content and dedication to check for earned links with the same diligence as day 1 of the pitching cycle.

Our approach involved scouting writers and content creators within niche publications who covered relevant content and would be attracted to our pitches. Focusing on this editorial demographic offers a high chance that these top voices in your vertical will not only see your content, but be engaged with it.

For this client, Fractl associates were able to earn the attention of 474 unique linking domains, or individual websites that mentioned our campaigns. Our client’s HR-focused content creation goals lined up with attention we were earning on our campaigns as we produced stories involving a range of topics from freelancing to employee habits and more.

A campaign titled “Business Owner Diversity” was mentioned by three official government agencies’ websites: the State of Maryland, the Washington State House Republicans, and twice on the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship (once on their website and once mentioned on the floor of a committee hearing).

Fractl assisted in improving our client’s ability to keep the attention of their site visitors for longer, nearly doubling the average visit duration from 5:32 to 10:14 after 9 months of campaign production and promotion.

Fractl’s assets outperform other content on our site...Their innovation and processes surrounding pitching and promotions are outstanding.

Client review via Clutch

Capturing Attention with Our Campaigns

Pitching HR content to publishers may not appear to be the most interesting conversation to initiate, but the seemingly-dry topic appeals to the day-to-day activities and challenges of the general public. Our client offers SaaS technologies and platforms that provide small- and medium-sized businesses with payroll, HR, retirement, and insurance services.

We tested many hypotheses, allowing Fractl to observe a wide variety of trends and reveal newsworthy takeaways regarding the current state of things in the business world as well as noteworthy trends within the HR industry, including:

While website blockers were the most common time wasting reducer used, employees find them to be ineffective.

Lost Minutes

A third of women we surveyed working in tech nationwide have considered switching jobs because of their interactions with male co-workers.

Women in Tech

One of HR’s biggest tasks involves handling employee disputes, yet a quarter of employees surveyed said they were disappointed with the way their HR department handles disputes.

HR Issues

About 44% of people had help from their family to fund their startup, while almost 30% were self-funded.

Employee to Entrepreneur

People with higher emotional IQ are more likely to find negative feedback motivating, direct, face-to-face feedback from supervisors, and prefer a more independent management style.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

51% of male employees feel like they're in control of their retirement planning, compared to only 38% of female employees.

Our Waning Days in the Workforce

I absolutely love working with this client! They have a high authoritative name in the business sector, which instantly establishes trust with publishers and increases the promotional viability for any campaign we create for them.

Alana Sklar, Digital PR, Fractl

I think we’ve only scratched the surface of campaigns that relate to relational dynamics and emotional IQ in the workplace. Not only are they extremely interesting to readers and writers, but I think more and more employers are interested in learning about how dynamics between workers and soft skills like emotional IQ influence their business’ overall success and their bottom lines.

Corie Colliton, Creative Strategy, Fractl

Working with this client is every account manager's dream. They trust our team completely as experts, while being open to new and experimental concepts. This trust allows us continually improve each year not just in quality of work, but also the quality of results.

Carly Johnson, Account Manager, Fractl