Search Engine Optimization2

There’s a simple, fundamental way we’re different from the competition. We market to humans, not search engines.

Our mission aligns with Google’s mission: to provide real utility and value to relevant audiences Readers will appreciate this kind of content, so Google will prioritize it. It’s a win-win. When you partner with Fractl and leverage this multifaceted SEO approach, you’ll become the ultimate content authority in your vertical.

On-Site Content Strategy & Production

Your content should speak from a place of authority and provide value to those you’re able to help (your potential customers).

Some business don't prioritize on-site content and thus aren't as authoritative in the eyes of search engines (and users!) as they could be.

Other businesses don’t realize the full potential of their authoritative domain and miss out on the massive amounts of potential search traffic from targeting “medium-tail” and “long-tail” terms.

Whether your site currently has low or high authority in Google's eyes, content production can be of surprisingly high-value.

That’s why we develop an on-site content plan that:

  • Demonstrates your expertise (which builds trust and authority)
  • Answers real questions your audience has (which ensures alignment with search intent)
  • Involves succinct, useful, easily digestible content (which keeps readers coming back)

Our strategies do not involve:

  • Solely high-volume keywords (which doesn’t secure targeted traffic)
  • Outdated keyword stuffing tactics (which simply don’t work)
  • Manipulating search results for short-lasting gains (which isn’t worth your time or money)

Once the strategy is set, our writers and designers are ready to do the comprehensive research necessary to create anything from a 1,000-word blog post to a 3,000-word resource guide.

When we produce high-quality, informational content that answers common questions, you’ll see an improvement in your on-site engagement metrics, your backlink portfolio, and your rankings.

And when you’re ranking high on Page 1, searchers see your site’s content naturally and start linking to your resource, building even more links and solidifying you as an authority.

Resource Link Building

Good links—links that are relevant to your industry—are an essential component for high rankings and organic traffic.


Because they signal to Google that you have an authoritative voice that can benefit searchers.

The educational resource guides we create in your industry, and the links we build for that content, will withstand any Google algorithm changes meant to root out subpar content that’s either thin, spammy, or unsuccessful in providing true value. That means it’ll provide a long-lasting, positive impact.

The most competitive sites in organic search have a diversified link portfolio of both high authority links and a much larger number of low- to mid-authority linking domains.

Fractl’s data journalism and digital PR strategies are designed to acquire the high-authority links, while our resource link building fills in the necessary high volume of niche, industry-relevant links.

With this two-pronged strategy, you’ll earn a natural, healthy, powerful backlink portfolio that will help you conquer the SERPs.

Technical SEO Audits

Before we launch our overall strategy, we’ll confirm your technical SEO is sound.

Without a strong foundation, our other work won’t be nearly as impactful. We’ll audit your site and provide recommendations so we can start our partnership poised for success.

We can audit and fix all of the following:

  • Technical SEO Roadmap
  • Site Architecture
  • Web Analytics/Property/Goal Setup
  • Duplicate/Thin Content
  • International SEO and Geo-Targeting
  • URL Canonicalization
  • Mobile Friendliness and Responsiveness
  • Link Profile Analysis
  • Site Speed Problems and Enhancements
  • Product Page Optimization
  • User Engagement Enhancements
  • Advanced E-commerce SEO
  • Sitemaps, Broken Links and On-Site Details
  • Technology Stack
  • Optimizing Redirects (inc. International)
  • Meta Title & Descriptions (inc. OpenGraph)
  • Safe HTTPS Migrations and Troubleshooting
  • Google Penalty Diagnosis & Recovery Plan
  • Optimizing Crawlability / ‘Crawl Budget’
  • Content Consolidation Plan and Execution
  • Maximizing Dwell Time
  • Structured Data Markup / Schema
  • Website Crawl - Review, Prioritizing & Action Plans
  • Content Tokenization

We’re also available for local SEO updates, providing full audits, on-site optimization, and citation building services.