Content Marketing Podcast: Ask Amanda About Marketing

Ask Amanda (About Marketing)

The content marketing podcast that’s here to answer your questions.

Get actionable advice for tackling common marketing questions!

Each week, Amanda Milligan uses this weekly content marketing podcast to answer submitted questions about content marketing and PR in about 15 minutes.

Every answer is designed to benefit not only the person who asked the question, but all listeners. Listen for straightforward, easy-to-understand, and actionable tips you can put in place today.

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About Amanda

As the Branded Content Manager for Fractl, Amanda’s responsible for all on-site content. Her primary goals include increasing the agency’s organic traffic, improving the quality of leads, and expanding and refining the brand’s message and engagement with the public.

Before her current role, Amanda worked as a creative strategist and account strategist at Fractl, so she has a wide perspective of how the work gets done and what types of content strategies work best to achieve a variety of marketing goals.

Her work has appeared in Forbes, Content Marketing Institute, CMO, and more. When she’s not obsessing over the comma placement in blog posts, she’s probably out singing karaoke or waiting for “Westworld” to come back (curse you, 2017).