How to Successfully Brainstorm Emotional Ideas [Podcast Episode]

The process of spiral thinking is an effective way to come up with executable ideas through “spiraling up” into a positive and optimistic mindset when brainstorming—and it can completely change your content creation mindset.

This week’s episode was a special one! I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with DAVE GOODMAN, CEO of the MindShare Network and former Vice President and Executive Producer of Walt Disney Entertainment, about the process of “spiral thinking.” Dave explains how spiraling up into a mentality of optimism can lead to better creative ideas, how to build ideas with more enthusiasm and specificity, and SO much more. 


, How to Successfully Brainstorm Emotional Ideas [Podcast Episode]


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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to apply the process of spiral thinking to ideation and “dreamscaping”

  • How to take two or three big ideas and design them for success through small steps

  • How to tackle a conversation head on when you’re not getting what you need creatively at a company

  • How to find the essence of what makes your work special

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