We leverage content development and digital marketing strategies to present industry and client success stories.

Review our internal case studies that analyze data from campaigns involving B2B and B2C Marketing, Content Marketing, and more over short- and long-term timelines.

Recovery Brands

36-Month Content Marketing Case Study

  • 1,100% organic search traffic increase over 36 months
  • • 12,500 featured stories from over 90 individual campaigns received over 1.2 million social shares
  • • Brand-aware content strategy geared towards research-heavy and innovative campaigns designed to reduce health-related stigmas


Mobile User Acquisition Case Study

  • • Media coverage with Mashable, Yahoo, Refinery29, The Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, and more in two days after launch
  • • 3,072% increase in weekly app installs in just five weeks
  • • Implemented a 3-pronged strategy focusing on the personalization of pitches, the importance of calendar awareness, and the weight of authoritative voices


10-Month Engagement Case Study

  • • Major publisher placements with CNN, the Washington Post, Business Insider, LA Times, ABC News, and many more
  • • 3-part “hygiene campaigns” accumulated 266 dofollow links and 70,000 social shares alone, as well as national talk show and radio syndication
  • • Applied a focus on tangential content to attract site visitors across a wide variety of verticals


16-Month Engagement Case Study

  • 238% organic search traffic increase over 16 months and over 1.6 million social shares
  • • Placements with the New York Times, CNN, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Mashable, Buzzfeed, and many more
  • • Huge viral status with “Perceptions of Perfection” campaign - over 925K social shares alone


6-Month Engagement Case Study

  • • Mix of evergreen and timely content resulted in 1,100% organic search traffic increase over 6 months and more than 50 completed campaigns
  • • Placements with USA Today, MSN, The Score, and many more
  • • 230% increase in the number of ranking keywords


B2B Content Marketing Case Study

  • • Organized marketing content calendar campaign with actionable tips
  • • Created internal data strategy by incorporating Alexa into Fractl’s marketing SEO workflow
  • • Focus on knowledge-based growth and expanding guest post capabilities