12-Month Content Marketing Case Study for Finance-Based Affiliate Site

Work: Content marketing strategy, 12 large-scale campaigns with promotions, additional on-site content.

Summary: Tangential content and survey-based research campaigns earned our client a substantial amount of high-authority press resulting in significant organic traffic growth for their new domain: a rise from 0 site visitors to 20,300 per month in less than a year.


By producing exclusive research, Fractl was able to drive the news cycle and earn press on high-authority sites including Business Insider, USA Today, and Forbes.

Through survey-based campaigns rich with relevant data, we were able to produce both on-brand and tangential content.

Fractl’s content strategy earned the client relevant and authoritative brand mentions which boosted their link portfolio, totaling a 7,400% increase in total portfolio volume over the period of engagement.

Analytics Screenshot

Analytics Screenshot Graph

Vertical Insights

In order to outrank their competition in organic search, this client had one goal: increase their link portfolio.

Unique content with an emotional tie that relates to a broad audience in career, student, & employee-focused finance is more engaging to finance writers, publishers, and readers.

Brands in dry, hyper-competitive verticals like finance should focus their content strategy on tangential topics that engage the masses to drive brand engagement.

The client's openness to a range of content-types allowed for both a broad and specialized scope when approaching newsworthy stories related to finance.


Our ability to dramatically increase traffic for this client’s new website was demonstrated by an increase of 30 site visitors to 20,300 in just the first year of engagement.

Due to the volume of newsworthy content we produced over the course of a year, this client developed positive brand recognition with several high-authority finance publishers.

Fractl was able to forge a close relationship with one specific publisher, The Ladders, which significantly helped to amplify the reach of our campaigns and gave our client an authoritative name in the finance vertical.

In acquiring placements with USA Today and iHeartRadio, the client was asked to participate in multiple interviews regarding the campaigns.


mentions from 27 major news publishers including:


mentions from 38 niche, relevant publishers including:


radio mentions from 12 states


regional media mentions from 47 states

It's important to stay open when coming up with ideas. Although you may not think your product/service would have anything to do with verticals like men's/women's interests or relationships, you may be surprised with what you can come up with and in the process, develop some amazing content that benefits both your brand and the publisher.

Matt Meadows, Account Manager, Fractl