Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 21: Houston, We Have a Pre-Launch PR Strategy

episode 21

You might think you’re ready to blast off into the world of startup success…but are you fully prepared for launch?


(Also, if you were wondering how many animals in space gifs there are…it’s a lot.)

I’m joined by Justin Adelson, founder of Perfect Pixel Marketing, to discuss how to successfully prepare for a website launch.

We discuss a variety of tactics:

  • Organic outreach
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Content development
  • Paid ad strategy

Example questions that are answered:

  • What kind of marketing goals are best to have for a strategic partnership?
  • When is it worth investing in a paid ad strategy?
  • What is the best way to utilize analytics before you even launch?
  • How do you decide which publishers are best to target?

Check out the episode to hear our tips for crafting the perfect pre-launch digital marketing strategy.

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