You Need to Know About Humantic Content [Podcast Episode]

When it comes to creating quality, authoritative, and high-ranking content, context is always king. 

It was absolutely wonderful speaking with the excellent Grant Simmons, VP of Performance Marketing at, part of the CoStar Group, about the concept of humantic content. Grant explains how to create content that makes the users and search engines happy, why humans are still better at writing copy than AI, why context is more important to a piece of content than keyword density, and so much more. 


, You Need to Know About Humantic Content [Podcast Episode]


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In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • How to leverage AI to come up with content that satisfies both search engines and users

  • How to create content with keywords that prioritize context over density

  • How to use analytics to see how content is working and what you should tweak

  • How to research for content around questions that people are really asking

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