How Fractl Earned Links from 931 Unique Domains for in a Single Year

With more than 300,000 active professionals across the U.S., Porch is a leading home improvement marketplace that helps connect people with qualified home professionals who can help get their projects completed.




mentions from 62 major publishers including:


mentions from 160 niche, relevant publishers including:


radio mentions across 21 states + multiple mentions in Ontario, Canada


regional media mentions across 38 states + DC + Canada + US Virgin Islands

Engagement Highlights

From on-brand topics to tangential content, home improvement networking website's willingness to pursue topics that would engage the masses led to significant gains in high-authority press mentions, earning over 3,500 individual press mentions and nearly 38,000 social shares.

Secured client interview opportunities and additional content requests from multiple writers at publications including and Fast Company, where Porch executives were featured as industry experts, furthering the brand's authority.

Content landed regional and local placements among a variety of television and radio stations based on our client’s desire to focus specifically on Washington, Texas, Georgia, and other states, leading to Porch campaigns being published to large social audiences.

Success earned Fractl an expanded contract into traditional PR services in the form of a monthly promotion of their network and press releases that resulted in placements on highlight-targeted sites The Mortgage Reports, Retail TouchPoints, and The M Report for the “Millennial Home Buying Trend Report.”

Earned brand mentions on major TV networks including The View with Whoopi Goldberg, as well as reputable news networks like NPR and CNBC.

Established a byline for Porch on (DA=80), a high-authority publisher in the vertical.

Our campaign “How Different Generations Shop for Homes” earned a mention on CNBC’s digital show “Make It”.

Publisher Feedback

Media sources consistently responded to our content positively and enthusiastically, often indicating and even confirming interest in the story right away.

Yes, I think we'd be interested in this! Thanks again for sending us this info!

I'd love to cover this. Would an expert be available to speak tomorrow afternoon?

Sounds like something our readers would be into - would love the exclusive, thanks!

Vertical Insights

Understanding authoritative data sources in any vertical is essential to producing newsworthy content. Our team's experience with the Census Bureau's American Housing Survey is one example of how we leverage industry datasets to create newsworthy content for our clients.

Instead of limiting ourselves to real estate topics, we produced content across a broad subset of verticals to expand our campaigns reach, including lifestyle, health, cooking, and others. Through this, we were able to tap into hundreds of publishers and their audiences, ranging from Better Homes and Garden and Food Network, to USA Today and Vice, to more on-brand publishers like and Apartment Therapy.

Porch had a plethora of internal data and was eager to put it to good use in our content production, resulting in the campaign, Cost of Home Maintenance, which used their internal data to build a composite of expectations in the home improvement space, a big, on-brand win.

Porch is an ideal client in the sense that they’ve allowed our team to explore both tangential concepts along with content that is more on brand. It’s the perfect mix that will deliver the traffic and links they’re looking for while also presenting opportunities for more high-profile traditional PR mentions.

Andrea Basse, Account Manager, Fractl

Porch is my dream client. From day one, they completely bought into Fractl's process. We knew sticking to home construction content was going to be a challenge, so they let us experiment in so many other areas related to the home. They let us show them why tangential content worked, and it paid off. It seems simple, but when you have someone value your expertise, it shows in the work.

Chris Lewis, Creative Strategist, Fractl

I had multiple writers from high-authority publications request Fractl future studies based on Porch campaigns, and many asked to be put on our Porch pitch list specifically. I even had a writer from request to conduct an interview with our client, and they went on to publish an article about Porch and their services!

Delaney Kline, Digital PR Strategist, Fractl