How Fractl Earned 25K+ Monthly Visitors for College Finance

[18-Month Case Study]

College Finance is dedicated to helping students, parents, and graduates make informed choices about financing their college education. With over 400+ on-site content pieces completed and 20 campaigns promoted, we drove traffic and acquired backlinks to this brand-new site.


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Our ability to dramatically increase traffic for College Finance’s brand-new website was demonstrated by building up to 29K+ monthly organic visitors in the first year and a half of engagement.






What’s been exciting about our work with CollegeFinance has been our ability to become a full-service partner for their brand. We’re able to take our content and links so much further because we’re in touch with what they have going on, their needs, and what opportunities may become available outside of just keyword research. We’ve been able to test out new concepts, execution styles, and outreach strategies with the understanding and trust as College Finance’s partner, not just vendor. When agency and brand work together, the work becomes exciting and the wins speak for themselves.

Meg, Director of Client Services

College Finance gave our team the freedom to focus on organic growth when developing their digital strategy. Our focus was to craft a multifaceted search strategy around content that targeted top-, mid-, and bottom-funnel keywords related to their products. We created content for the audience first, ensuring every article was authoritative and informative. This focus on quality allowed us to garner featured snippets for related topics to CF's products, boosting organic traffic. Overall, their progressiveness has allowed our team to help them flourish. We look forward to seeing the incredible company they will become.

Ryan, Director of Client Strategy

There's a lot of information out there about the college process, from applying to school to repaying student loans.'s aim was to cut through the noise and provide easy-to-understand resources. We sought to produce content that was more thorough, accurate, and helpful than anything else available. By producing top-tier content that was better than anything else out there, we were able to land dozens of featured snippets that helped users quickly understand what they were searching for.

Heather, SEO Editor


Press mentions from 61 major publishers + websites including:

The Motley Fool
Market Watch
Value Walk
Benefits Pro
Housing Wire
Yahoo Finance
Travel Daily News
Yahoo Money
The Street
Her Campus


Regional media mentions from 27 states + D.C.