Setting Up a Content Measurement Plan [Podcast Episode]

Too often in the world of content marketing, there is no real plan in place for measuring performance. That’s why a thoughtful content measurement plan is absolutely crucial.

It was so wonderful getting to chat with Azeem Ahmad, also known as Azeem Digital, about his step-by-step process for creating and executing a successful content measurement plan that drives results. Azeem explains why it’s important to align what you’re tracking with the goals of the business, why it’s best to only report on what’s necessary, what mistakes to avoid when tracking and creating content, and much more. 


, Setting Up a Content Measurement Plan [Podcast Episode]


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In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • How to set up the infrastructure to successfully track content

  • How to align your content measurement plan with the goals of the business

  • How to know where to avoid mistakes in a content measurement plan

  • How to connect the dots between telling a story with content and the bottom line

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