Optimize Your Content With Search Journeys [Podcast Episode]

One of the biggest misconceptions about a customer journey is that every journey is linear. In reality, there are often hundreds of interactions happening along the way.

I had a blast talking with the great Kevin Indig, director of SEO at Shopify, about the concept of search journeys. In this episode, Kevin breaks down ways to optimize content for search journeys through microinteractions, how to understand the context of the customer journey and avoid putting it on a pedestal, and much more.


, Optimize Your Content With Search Journeys [Podcast Episode]


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In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • How to use search journeys to anticipate the next step a user will take after consuming your content
  • How to improve keyword research by understanding the steps people go through in a search journey
  • How to decide how much content to create to optimize a search journey and keep people on your site
  • How to prioritize certain aspects of the customer journey

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