How Much Does an Effective Content Marketing Strategy Cost?

At Fractl we offer different levels of engagement based on your business’s objectives. The more aggressive you want to be with your content marketing tactics (securing results faster), the higher level of engagement you should choose.

I. Minimum Recommended Engagement

  • The six-month engagement includes SEO consulting, content creation, promotion, and reporting.

  • Fractl can also assist in ideation and brainstorming for content produced in-house at your business.

  • We offer a 30- to 60-day opt-out clause for either party to be executed if the relationship is not productive.

II. Monthly Content Creation and Promotion

  • Fractl will execute one to two campaigns per month, depending on scope. Each campaign will take roughly 30 days to create and 30 days to fully promote.

  • Fractl will present your business with ideation for approval of each month’s executions. Typical ideation consists of 10-plus unique concepts.

  • Fractl will create a set of content around the chosen concept. Scope can vary widely depending on execution difficulty, but a campaign typically has 1–2 unique assets (written long-form content, infographics, parallax, motion graphics, original research, surveys, etc.).

  • Fractl will promote content through highly targeted digital outreach – both to previous contacts and warm-pitch targets and to new targets identified during production (sites that fit the topic especially well). Our strong suit is securing placements with high-authority dot-com publishers in your vertical; however, we’re also skilled at securing geo-specific domains per request.

III. Reporting and Meetings

  • The KPIs we most frequently focus on include, but are not limited to, the Domain Authority of a campaign link portfolio; content marketing impact on rankings; revenue gained from SEO efforts; number of high-caliber placements secured; social engagement events per campaign; page views per campaign.

  • We provide monthly reporting on link generation (via direct placements of content as well as syndications). If provided access to Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, we will report monthly on link acquisition via each channel. (We strongly suggest providing access, as it’s essential to gauging success.)

  • Fractl will meet with your business bi-weekly (two times per month) to discuss progress on projects. Meetings to discuss ideation may be added when necessary.

While most of our clients engage us at the $15,000 retainer level, we have several clients who are more aggressive with their content marketing tactics. If you are interested in pursuing a larger number of campaigns, each additional campaign execution is an additional cost on top of the minimum monthly retainer.

, How Much Does an Effective Content Marketing Strategy Cost?