How Fractl Increased Velotric’s Traffic by 435% in 16 Months

Velotric, an innovative leader in electric bicycles, embarked on a mission to bolster its digital footprint and domain authority. Fractl’s strategic content and PR campaigns skyrocketed its organic traffic and dramatically boosted its domain authority.

2024 Velotric Case Study

, How Fractl Increased Velotric’s Traffic by 435% in 16 Months

Velotric’s Goals

Velotric aimed to elevate its standing in the e-bike industry by boosting its domain authority and securing high-authority backlinks. This would reinforce their online credibility and enhance their visibility in a competitive market.

Fractl’s Strategy

Our plan was to create engaging, high-quality content and targeted digital PR campaigns. This approach aimed to increase Velotric’s website traffic and acquire valuable backlinks from highly-regarded sources, boosting their domain authority and visibility in their industry.


We transformed Velotric’s online presence in just one year, garnering a 434.9% surge in organic website traffic with an additional 19,866 monthly visitors. Their domain authority also rose by 228.6%, and the number of referring domains grew to 850, amplifying their digital influence and reach.

Organic traffic over 16 months
Referring domains over 16 months
Top publisher placements

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