How Fractl Added $1.2M+ to McAfee’s Traffic Value in 4 Months

McAfee, a global leader in cybersecurity, partnered with Fractl to strengthen its online presence and drive targeted traffic. Discover how our data-driven content campaigns increased McAfee’s organic traffic value by over $1.2 million, boosted monthly organic traffic by 12.4%, and secured 586 high-value featured snippets in just 4 months.

2024 McAfee Case Study

, How Fractl Added $1.2M+ to McAfee’s Traffic Value in 4 Months

McAfee Goals

McAfee wanted to enhance its online visibility and drive more organic traffic to its website through impactful content relevant to the cybersecurity industry. As a leader in the field, McAfee sought to strengthen its position and attract a larger audience by showcasing its expertise and thought leadership through high-quality, informative content. They aimed to boost brand awareness, generate leads, and grow their customer base.

Fractl’s Solution

We created thoroughly researched, compelling content that resonated with McAfee’s target audience. Our team closely examined cybersecurity search trends to identify McAfee’s potential customers’ most pressing concerns and interests. By crafting content that addressed these key topics and provided valuable insights, we positioned McAfee as a trusted authority in the field. This authoritative content would engage readers, showcase McAfee’s expertise, and drive highly targeted traffic to their website.


In just 4 months, our engagement with McAfee, a well-established and globally recognized brand, produced remarkable results. We generated an amazing increase in organic traffic value, adding $1,299,708 to their bottom line. Our strategic campaigns also achieved a 12.4% surge in monthly organic traffic, driving 58,236 monthly visitors to Fractl-produced content. Moreover, we secured 586 high-value featured snippets and propelled 32 Fractl pages to rank in Position 1 on search engine results pages.

Organic traffic over 4 months

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