How to Create Content That Naturally Builds Links [Podcast Episode]

Link building is a crucial step in the content marketing process, and there’s nothing more ideal than having content that build links naturally. 

It was wonderful chatting with the great MONIQUE QUARLES, of Wiideman Consulting Group, about the process of natural link building. Monique explains how to accomplish this through collaboration, what the research process looks like, why format and shareable content is important to building links naturally, and much more. 


, How to Create Content That Naturally Builds Links [Podcast Episode]


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In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • How to start creating content that is optimized to build links organically

  • How to know what format works best for your content

  • How to gauge whether a piece of content is building links naturally

  • How to be sure that your content is shareable to get the best results

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