As a real estate research site, Movoto strives to differentiate its services from those of its competitors by highlighting the intimate local knowledge of its agents.

Movoto engaged Fractl to showcase its authority on local markets by increasing brand recognition, driving traffic to its website, and earning links back to on-site content. We worked together to develop content for their blog centered on their brand values, then helped promote new articles and assets through content promotion and blogger outreach. With a focused approach and knowledgeable promotion, we helped Movoto achieve its goals with outstanding results:


Research: Industry Knowledge Backed Up by Science

For this campaign we began by forming our ideation process around Movoto’s key real estate themes. Buying, selling, or renting a home is an inherently emotional experience, so we turned to our research on viral emotions to figure out how to identify with and engage the audience and Movoto’s prospective clients. Based on this, we decided to build on the high-arousal feelings of curiosity, interest, and trust that would be part of the experience of moving.

To build trust for this brand, we tapped into familiar cultural references and topics that would pique interest in the regions consumers were considering. Comic book characters served us well in this regard, as did combining publicly available data (such as high school graduation rates or IQ averages) with our own original research.

Planning: Content Designed for Results

To increase brand awareness and drive traffic to Movoto’s website, we planned and executed a monthly calendar to release campaigns in a variety of dynamic formats.

With well-researched ideas, industry analysis, and goals we’d collaboratively developed with Movoto, we turned to determining which content mediums would best showcase our content and prompt audiences to engage and share. 

  • Crowd-sourced content
  • Original editorial and long-form articles
  • Motion graphics and mixed media
  • Interactive features and original research
  • Contests, quizzes, and widgets
  • Scribe-style videos
  • Kinetic typography
  • Interactive web and mobile applications

Production: A Team Effort

Our creative and production teams (which include a few superhero fans) had a lot of fun with this project, and worked closely with project managers to ensure that each campaign was delivered on-time and aligned with Movoto’s requests and goals. From Fractl’s creative director, project managers, and digital journalists to experienced graphic artists and coders, our entire team came together like Voltron to make the content engaging, meticulously researched, well-timed, and attractive to top-tier publishers. We employed multiple reviews and edits to improve and enhance each campaign, thus ensuring a product that would impress publishers, audiences, and our client.

Promotions: Sharing High Quality Content

With their extensive connections to high-profile sites, bloggers, authors, and other media professionals, our in-house Media Relations team was primed to propel our campaigns to the next level. Once Movoto approved a piece of content, these PR specialists reached out to their networks to secure placements with established and authoritative voices on leading websites who would link to and comment on great, relevant content, engaging their communities and building strength for the Movoto brand. 


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