eBay Deals, the daily deals section of eBay, first approached Fractl for help with growing brand awareness and improving SEO for target categories. We provided strategic consulting while creating and executing content marketing and outreach campaigns focused on core metrics, including sales growth. The long-term results have been incredible, including year-over-year growth for sales, SEO clicks, and traffic.

Due to our success, the initial 6-month contract with eBay Deals has continued until today and we were awarded contracts from several other eBay verticals in 2014.

“What started out as an engagement with just one vertical team expanded to working with multiple vertical teams, the content team, the social media team, and product teams. We've really assimilated ourselves well within the eBay ecosystem, and are a vital part of their efforts now.” - Kevin Gu, Account Manager at Fractl

Creating Highly Relevant Content for the Target Customer

For each campaign, we investigated topics that mattered to the different eBay verticals’ customers – such as spending habits, male fashion, and car buying advice – to help them gain a better understanding of the subject while also increasing awareness of the different eBay brands.

We have completed more than 60 content marketing campaigns for various eBay verticals, with the following results:


Choosing Content Mediums That Align With Campaign Goals

Once an idea for a campaign was born – and research showed support for its relevancy – we determined the most appropriate content medium for accomplishing the goals set collaboratively by Fractl and the eBay vertical teams.

“In our work with eBay Deals, we have had the opportunity to create viral content with a maximum spread, content more aimed at particular topics, and content around frugality. These campaigns have continually proven our ability to create content that engages audiences, regardless of where it may fit along our client's sales pipeline.” - Kristin Tynski, SVP Creative at Fractl

Connecting Content with the Right Influencers and Audiences Was Key

Getting in front of the right audiences led to our campaigns’ high rate of social media sharing and traffic. Our promotions team focused on reaching out to industry-leading voices on influential websites with audiences that would find the content relevant. By nurturing these relationships, we were able to secure placements on the web’s leading online publishers and news outlets.