Whether it’s keeping up with the Joneses or knowing who to turn to for a quick loan, people are interested in their neighbors’ wealth.

Building on Movoto’s goals of highlighting their local real estate knowledge and driving traffic back to their website, the Wealthiest People in Each State campaign zeroed in on this cash curiosity. This simple concept visualized the name and net worth of the richest person in each state, along with a headshot and link to their bio.

The results were stellar:

  • 140,000 shares on social media
  • 130 pickups from top-tier publishers including Yahoo, Washington Post, Huffington Post, and more
  • 74,000+ Facebook likes from the Huffington Post feature alone
  • Huge gains in Domain Authority with more than 6,240 DA secured
  • More than 1,453,000 views on Movoto’s blog post
  • Became the most popular article of all time on Movotoʼs blog

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Within four days of going live, Movoto’s blog had already received more than 860,000 views.

However, the idea to focus on the most moneyed citizens was not new; in fact, the same concept had been explored by other websites relatively recently with little attention. What made the difference for Movoto?

Recipe for Success


1. Content Details and Design

An expert execution by our designers and production team, plus incorporating several high-arousal emotions, elevated this publicly available data from flat to fascinating. Familiar names such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett always have celebrity appeal, but adding comparable data available for each state tapped into a wider interest in local pride and curiosity (again underscoring one of Movoto’s core themes). Including headshots of each person also revealed a lack of diversity among the group, which inspired controversy that kept the audience talking about and sharing this content.

2. Accessible Assets

Not only did we create an engaging design, we also referenced our exclusive publisher study to generate the content in a format we knew would be appealing to editors and writers. We also collaborated with the first publisher to pick up the story – The Huffington Post – and made a few revisions to the design in order to fit their format. The result was an asset that could be quickly and easily deployed on their website and others, yielding more than 120 pickups to follow.

3. Engaging Promotion

Our promotions team strives to form and maintain relationships with top-tier publishers, and works to pitch content in a way that will be engaging and relevant to the person receiving it. In this case, we reached out to Kevin Short, who had previously written an article on income levels. Putting the right pitch in front of the right person worked in our favor:




In addition to features on Yahoo, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and more, the Wealthiest People campaign rose to become the most popular article of all time on Movoto’s blog. The post earned 24% more views and inspired 223% more conversations on Facebook than the second-most popular article; the top two articles are the only ones to earn more than a million views and 150+ Facebook conversations on Movoto’s blog.


Combining a simple but widely appealing concept with our research on what resonates with publishers and audiences was key to this campaign's success. We worked closely with Movoto to ensure that our design and execution were in line with their goals and key messages, and the result  – nearly 1.5 million views on Movoto’s blog, as well as top-tier coverage and mass social sharing – yielded a big surge in brand strength and recognition.

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