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Ask Amanda About Marketing – Episode 18: Wait. Do You Have a Content Code? [Ft. Tommy Walker]

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Sometimes we all need to do some soul searching, like figuring out what it is we want out of life…or our brand’s blog.

Sometimes, the difficult part about writing a blog is getting in all the information along with the right tone. That’s where the content code comes in–giving you guidelines on how to find the soul of your blog.

Tommy Walker of Shopify Plus joins me this week to give us some insight on his content code. His 10 rules allow writers to get a better grip of what it means to write on their blogs and what their work stands for.

Here are some of the tips he covers:

  • Don’t paint idyllic pictures
  • Don’t talk down to the reader
  • Do the research
  • Ask better questions
  • Tell a story  

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Amanda Milligan

As the Branded Content Manager for Fractl, Amanda's responsible for all on-site content, working to improve our brand engagement and enhance the agency's organic traffic growth strategy. Her work has appeared in Forbes, Content Marketing Institute, the Marketing Smarts podcast, CMO, and more. When she's not obsessing over the comma placement in blog posts, she's probably out singing karaoke or patiently waiting for "Westworld" to come back.

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